2016 Avilés ITU Duathlon World Championships



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The user of this website will have free access to the public information shown in the site, although Austral Sport might restrict the access to some areas to special users. Every user visiting the site can register, and access special conditions and functionalities, also as special offers if that customer has the required conditions to take the offer. To make an order, the user must add to his shopping cart the products he wants to buy, and follow the steps shown in the website. After that process, which includes registering in the website to identify himself, an e-mail is sent to the customer to inform order has been received. The order is sent to Austral Sport, which will proccess the order depending on the stock available, and applying conditions showns in the website on the moment of buying the products -except errors.


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Order will be shipped to the customer shipping address. Products will be delivered to the customer by Austral Sport, with a note which identifies the customer, the order, number of items and products contained in the order. To facilitate shipping, Austral Sport will unify orders in one date: Orders made before 25th June, will be send all together on 25th July. If the customer detects any error on the received products, or visible damages to the content of the order, must write these facts on the delivery note and tell us about this situation via mail, fax or e-mail in a 24-hour time.

The prices listed for shipping costs describe the shipping costs only, and not custom duties. In the event of a package being detained by customs, the responsibility of paying for whatever taxes and duties applied to the package will fall to the buyer. Austral Sport is not responsible for custom costs, nor for the delays in the package delivery that may arise from said package being held by customs. Customers will not be allowed to return their orders based on this reason, except in the case of a mistake by Austral Sport.


In case of a product or size change, customer will be charged with all the shipping costs. Estimated time for reception of the new order is 15 natural days for national shipments. The company is responsible only for incidences caused by Austral Sport, paying in these situations the shipping costs for the new packet. In case incidence is caused by manufacturing faults, Austral Sport will manage the situation directly. Customer must send the product to our shop, paying the cost of the shipment. In case we accepts the change, Austral Sport will send the new packet to the address indicated by the customer. In order to consider the incidence as a manufacturing fault, the time from the buying date and the reclamation cannot exceed 15 days. For any question or incidence, you must contact us calling to 0034.942.261.212